PROGRAMME     2019/2020

We have arranged an interesting and varied programme for the coming season. We hope the topics will be of interest to both novice and experienced beekeepers.

JAN: 21st January 2020

Speaker: Billy Millar. .

Topic :Starting with bees and the costs associated

For the first meeting of the year, we are pleased to welcome Billy Millar. His topic will be “Starting out in Beekeeping, and the costs associated”

This will be an introductory night for new beekeepers, what is involved in beekeeping, the costs (bees, equipment, where to get bees from, where to keep them etc.)

FEB: 2020

February Meeting   18th February  

Queen Rearing            Liam Murtagh/ Robert McCreery

Wax                             Jesús Borobia

Mead                           Gail Orr

Inventions                   Joe Thompson

Swarm Control            Geoff Davidson

Frames                        David Gamble

Virtual hive                 Sandra Pinion

Microscopy                 Patrick Lundy

Burkes Beekeeping

Venue: Science Resource Centre, Dromore High School 7:30pm.

MAR: 2020

March Meeting        24th March 2020

Jim Agnew ( Louth Beekeepers) Maximising honey production

As the 3rd Tuesday of the month falls on the 17th March, and as the School will be closed on this date, the association meeting will be put back one week to the 24th March.

Venue: Science Resource Centre, Dromore High School 7:30pm.

APR: 2020

Venue: Science Resource Centre, Dromore High School 7:30pm.

MAY: 2020

Panel of experts “Why should you lose a Swarm” Liam Murtagh, Joe Thompson,  Robert McCreery

Venue: Science Resource Centre, Dromore High School 7:30pm.

JUNE:    No meeting – Picnic at the Apiary. ( Need Gazebo & refreshments well away from bees ) Cathryn Cochrane, Vanessa Drew, Geoff Davidson to organise event.

JULY:    No meeting

AUG: 2020

Venue: Science Resource Centre, Dromore High School 7:30pm.

SEPT:  AGM 2020

Speakers and topics will be announced later when they have been confirmed.

Dromore Beekeepers Monthly Meeting 15th October 2019

Venue: Science Resource Centre, Dromore High School 7:30pm.

Clive De Bruyn
Clive De Bruyn – Visits DBKA Oct 2019 – Topic – Bee Keeping Mistakes

Speaker : Clive de Bruyn

Topic :” Beekeeping Mistakes”

Clive started beekeeping in the 1960s, and has managed colonies in 11 counties. He was employed at the National Beekeeping Unit in the 1980s, supervising disease inspection officers. He has worked in a UK beefarming enterprise (2000+ colonies), raising 1000 queens annually.  Clive’s first beekeeping exam was in 1970, whilst a committee member of the Village Bee Breeders Association (now BIBBA). He gained the National Diploma in Beekeeping in 1976. For 15 years he was the County Beekeeping Lecture in Essex. He was the British delegate to Apimondia for 16 years. Within the BBKA and NDB Clive has been a board member and is still an examiner. Clive has travelled widely to study beekeeping (30+ countries). He is the author of several books and papers. Currently he is running 100+ colonies for honey, pollination and the sale of queens and nuclei whilst undertaking overseas extension work in the winter.

NOV: Vanessa Drew – Bee Keeping in New Zealand

Venue: Science Resource Centre, Dromore High School 7:30pm.

Vanessa Drew has held a lifelong passion (obsession!) for animals and got her first hive of bees aged 14.  She has been a keen gardener all her life and runs her own garden design practice.

Vanessa holds the FIBKA Senior (Master Beekeeper) Certificate and is a Certified Federation Lecturer, gaining her Lecturer’s Qualification in 2013 – a nerve-wracking day she never wishes to repeat!  She teaches the Intermediate Beekeeping Course at Dromore High School and also runs self-sufficiency courses from home.  Topics include a Beekeeping Taster Day, Growing your own fruit & veg, Keeping Chickens, Goats & Making your own Dairy Produce.

Vanessa is a regular speaker at gardening clubs and other associations on Garden Design, Self Sufficiency and other topics.  She also has a regular gardening slot on U105 radio.

At home, Vanessa also has a B&B and has welcomed guests from all over the world including New Zealand, Tasmania, Sri Lanka, USA and Europe.  Guests can sample all of their home produce which includes honey, jam, chutney, various wines, goats milk, yoghurt & goat ice cream.

Vanessa shares her home with long-suffering husband and DIY expert Russell, 4 cats, 20 hens, a crazy peacock, 9 goats, 12 sheep and of course 8 beehives.

Contact: 07754091772


DEC: No meeting