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Election of Office Bearers and Committee

The Chairman declared all posts vacant, and invited Ethel Irvine  to take the chair and oversee the election of office bearers and committee for 2019/20.

The following were elected: –

Chairman                     Kenny Logan             
Vice-Chairman           Geoff Davidson        
Secretary                     Gail Orr                 
Assistant Secretary     Jesús Borobia         
Treasurer                     Thérèse Bennett     
Press Officer               Cathryn Cochrane    
Bookings Officer        Jesús Borobia   
Apiary Manager          Liam Murtagh        
Librarian                      Cathryn Cochrane 
Assistant Librarian      Peter McGurnaghan
Honey Show Manager Cecil McMullan       
Webmaster                  Carol Walsh        

Committee Members: Valerie Shearer (immediate past Chairman) plus Aidan Donnelly, Darren Nugent, Vanessa Drew, James Crawford, Robert McCreery, Sandra Pinion, & David Gamble


Proposed : Ken Baird

Seconded : Peter Mobbs


Delegates to Ulster Beekeepers’ Association Executive committee:

                                                            Proposed                                 Seconded

Kenny Logan                                     Madeline McMullan               Liam Murtagh

Gail Orr                                             Cathryn Cochrane                   Vanessa Drew

Valerie Shearer                                 Robert McCreery                    Vanessa Drew


Auditor: Anthony Wickstead

Proposed:    Robert McCreery  

Seconded:   Vanessa Drew


Following the election the newly elected Chairman Kenny Logan thanked Ethel Irvine for overseeing the election, and took over as Chairman.